Smart Limo Tips

Smart Limo Tips

How to Shop for Limousines or Party Buses:

  1. First, determine your needs by deciding on the type of limousine, the color, the number of passengers and your destination.
  2. Second, make a list of limousine company names and telephone numbers in your local area.
  3. Third, call the companies on your list to check on availability, types, colors, vintages, additional features and costs.
  4. Fourth, compare the costs and features.

Helpful Guidelines to Follow:

  • Ask to see the Company’s limousines.  Check out the vehicle you plan on renting.
  • Get a signed contract for special events. Professional companies will be delighted to provide you with a signed contract. Companies that are hesitant to supply a contract may not be confident in their abilities to fulfill your order.
  • Ask about limo insurance and permits.  All limousines are required to carry commercial insurance and permits. Unfortunately, the Internet does not require the same from websites. To protect yourself from limousine brokers ask for proof of insurance and permits with your signed contract.
  • Don’t shop based on price alone. Some unethical operators do not hesitate to drop a reservation to pick up a better paying fare. Instead, decide based on how professionally you are treated on the phone, and how well the Company is able to fill your request.

Think Twice before going with the “Cheapest Rate”:

  • If you take a look at other industries, most people don’t “shop” for the cheapest price and expect the best.
  • Do you look for the cheapest hotels?  When you shop for the cheapest hotel, you don’t find a hotel but a MOTEL. You don’t find luxurious amenities, but the basics: A bed, shower, and a TV.
  • Do you look for the cheapest car? If cheapest were the best, everyone would be driving around in a Kia or Hyundai.
  • Do you look for the cheapest surgeon?  Would you risk surgery on yourself just so you can save $200?

The bottom line is that Price is directly related to Quality. Cheap limo prices often means corners are cut elsewhere:

  • Insuring limousines is expensive. A cheap price could signify that your limo company is dodging insurance regulations, or isn’t fully insured.
  • Licensing limousines is expensive. A cheap limo price could signify that your limo company is not properly licensed. Many states and municipalities have licensing boards and organizations that are responsible for the licensing and regulation of limo companies. Check your state or city to see if limos are a regulated industry and make sure your company is on their approved list.
  • Owning and leasing limousines is expensive. A cheap limo price could indicate the quality of the limo, or lack thereof. The limo industry is no exception – cheap is cheap.

Other facts to consider when renting a limousine:

  • Limos can keep you safe! Avoid drunk driving on your wild evenings but do so in style.  The cost of even the best limo is exponentially less than a DUI – not to mention the safety issues for yourself and others.
  • Take care of your limo driver. He or she is working for tips plus minimal pay. They want to take care of you and build a repeat customer. If you like the service-tip accordingly.
  • HAVE FUN! Make the most of your evening with the special people in your life.
  • How long has the Company been in business?
  • Do the limousines have air conditioning/heat that can be controlled from the passenger area?
  • Does the Company carry “commercial” liability and medical insurance for their passengers?
  • What credit cards do they accept?
  • Do they have a cancellation policy.
  • Does the Company actually own the limousines or subcontract affiliate companies.
  • How many limousines do they have in their fleet?
  • What types/colors of limousines are available on your specific date?
  • Ask the make and model of the limousine so that you know what to expect.
  • Ask if you can personally inspect the limousine you will be renting so there are no unexpected surprises.
  • Ask if you get free champagne in the limousine or other complimentary alcohol.
  • What are the costs? Minimum requirements? Package prices? Pick up and drop off prices? Hourly plus mileage charges?
  • What is included in the cost?
  • Are there additional fees that will be charged or does the quote reflect the absolute total?
  • How are the drivers dressed?
  • Is gratuity included in the rental cost?
  • If you are renting the limousine for a wedding and want to display a “Just Married” sign, can it be attached to the vehicle? If so, is there a cleaning/polishing charge?
  • Ask for a booking confirmation.
  • Upon deposit ask for a Rental Contract that guarantees you will get what you reserved.
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